• Portfolio

  • Democratized AI

    No-code AI tool that enables anyone to quickly build and run AI models in minutes.

    The global marketplace for everything AI, with algorithms, models and data sets for all levels of experience, from business users through to data scientists.

    Discover insights with 'Artificial Curiosity' and self generating graphs on your unstructured data. All the benefits of Tableau without any of the setup.

    Brainpool is an artificial intelligence consultancy specialising in developing bespoke AI solutions for business.

  • AI Infrastructure / Platforms / ML Ops

    Non-invasive personal brain-computer intended to advance humankind; competitor to Neuralink.

    Building brain-inspired hardware for artificial intelligence.

    Instant infrastructure for machine learning to facilitate the engineering side of ML. (previously called NeuroAI)

  • AI Products

    AI tools that teach your team how to get ready to perform at their best.

    Making video smarter – Remote media collaboration in your browser.

    A Big Data and AI approach to financial content with news, analytics, and insights on 250k+ topics from 11k+ sources.

    People-focused AI to reduce injuries in construction and industrial worksites.

    Computer vision and video analytics solutions to make fixed or moving cameras more intelligent and effective.

    Creative testing made simple through an AI-powered platform.

    A powerful AI based lawyer connecting legal consumers with legal services.